TBG, provides you the TOTAL SOLUTIONS for nearly all kinds of electric and pneumatic and other accessories.
Whether you need circuit breakers, relays, fuses, meters, capacitors,switches, switchgear, motors or any other electrical product which related to any other electrical; or you want pneumatical components or you are a contractor who needs wiring accessories, TBG is the most reliable partner you will find. As our customer, no matter how large or small you are. "TBG, provides you the TOTAL SOLUTIONS for nearly all kinds of electric, pneumatic components or other wiring accessories ̄ backed by the finest in technical service and product quality.

Customer Priority :
Customer Approval is the Number One Motivator at TBG. Meeting the needs of the customer is the most important factor in TBG's success and will be the key to our growth in the future.
Upgrading Quality :
Higher Quality is the Responsibility of Everyone at TBG. TBG has invested heavily to put together the most advanced laboratory facilities for electrical, mechanical, pneumatical and dimensional testing. These facilities are staffed by dedicated professionals who ensure that every step of every job is done correctly.
Research and Development :
The greatest links between TBG and our customers come through research and development. TBG provides materials analysis, die testing and joint development of new products for customers. We are our customers' best partner.
Employees Welfare :
TBG shares the benefits of growth with all of our employees. This means a full program of benefits plus the training and education that will allow employees to grow. When our employees make progress, TBG makes progress as well.

TBG Horner:
TBG is one of the most important suppliers of products and services in this area in both China and global markets. TBG puts the customer first, emphasizes quality and R&D, and adheres to the highest principles in our operations. Moreover, our R&D and production technology have yielded outstanding products that reflect our responsibility to the world around us.
TBG Main fields:
1.Electrical Equipment: Mini Circuit Breakers, Circuit Breakers, AC Contactors, Fuses, Instruments, Pushbuttons, Switches, Relays, Meters, Thermal Starters, Lighting, Building Electric.
2. Pneumatic Components: Air combination, Controlling Equipment , Execute equipment, Auxiliary component, Pneumatic Tools.
3. Wiring Accessories: Cable ties tools, Cable Ties, Cable clips, Terminal blocks, Wire joints, Wire connector, Tie mounts, Expand plug, Cable markers, Vinyl Wire End Caps, Vinyl Wire End Caps, Vinyl Wire End Caps, PVC shrinking sleeves.
4.Other items: Healthy&Medicine, Chemicals, Machinery, Arts&Crafts.

TBG GOODS¨ Application:
Manufacturing, oil and gas transmission, food and beverage, fluid power, OEM, semiconductor, light industrial, residential, and commercial markets.
TBG Service:
*24 Hour Service Phone & Email Service.
*Max 12 hour turn around reply from enquiries.
*Samples provided within 3-5 working days.
*Regularly provide you with information on our new products.
*Treat every customer sincerely
*Treat every customer equitably
*Be responsible for the quality of shipped goods and ensure they
are delivered according to customer requirements.

TBG Development Strategy:
Let electrical build refulgence, accomplishing the dreams with science &technology, pulling off the market with good quality, attracting customers by the best service, TBG leads a promising future.
TBG Future:
Relying on science & technology and developing marketing idea, TBG will service customer heart and soul until they are full satisfied. Owning great management, supplying you with productions which have high-quality and most reasonable price in the swiftest way, the most perfect service offered to you from begin to end, we have the belief that we will be your most reliable partner in offering world-class productions and other items in the future.


Demonstrating the company's determination to continue improving its products and services for customers
TBG develop a reliable quality management system include the adoption of QC engineering diagrams, operating standards manuals and complete testing equipment. Extensive testing of raw materials and finish product backs these. We analyze every test results to ensure that all products will be at the highest quality. TBG's products undergo strenuous testing procedures that meet or exceed the standards anywhere else in China or overseas. TBG's full series of high-voltage support insulators is tested and approved by the China Electrical Research Center, making TBG the first company in China to have approved its entire products. In addition, TBG's pneumatic components and wiring accessories are approved by ISO9001:2000 standard. In October 2001 TBG's 7.2KV high-voltage support insulators are approved after extensive testing by the Technology Research Institute in Osaka, Japan. Furthermore, TBG was certified for ISO14001 certificate in 2003.

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